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  • Watching: BAIT
I'm into indoor bouldering.
I first did it in June 2 years ago and I immediately got into it.
I did it for 6months but I couldn't do next 6 months because I was too busy.

I restarted it in June last year and I still do it. I really enjoy it.:) (Smile) 
I'm doing v0 to v1 now.
Some v0- problems are still difficult to me. However there are v2 problems I can do.

The picture is one of climbing gyms I go. It's my favorite.Love 
Though it takes me more than 1 hour to get there I go there at least twice a month.

Media-20160223 by blacktsubu
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I have been far from startrek things for a while except for reading fanfics occasionally.
I started to read A stitch in time by Andrew Robinson resently. I started rewatching TNG today.
I started feeling like to do some fan art of Startrek again.

I didn't posted these artworks because I didn't really like them when I finished.
A few weeks ago I checked these four drawings and thought they aren't bad so I posted them at once to encourage/force myself to do the next one.Sweating a little...

Ziyal 1 by blacktsubu  A random cardassian by blacktsubu   Front view of a Cardassian male by blacktsubu  Damar by blacktsubu
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I started Tumblr.

I already have a blog on Blogger.
I don't know how I'm going to use them separately.
I don't know if I will ever continue using Tumblr.

Tumblr is a little easier for me to blog from my mobile phone than Blogger.
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The sunset was sooooo beautiful today.

DSCF2618 (1024x768) by blacktsubu
I am sorry I couldn't inform this earlier.
I am participating in an exhibition which is being held now in MireyaGallery, Ginza Tokyo.

December 17th - 22th
11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
There will be a small party from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. on the 20th.


Nine artists in total are participating in this exhibition.
Every artworks are wonderful!

Thank you.
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I attended an outdoor sketching event held by an art school.
It was a beautiful day!!
00 (768x1024) by blacktsubu

01 (768x1024) by blacktsubu

02 (768x1024) by blacktsubu

03 (768x1024) by blacktsubu

04 (768x1024) by blacktsubu
I couldn't finish it on time.
I tried to paint the bottom of the water though I didn't succeed.
The dark area of the stream looks muddy.

I like the third picture of the sketch.

The teacher said when I finish the foreground, especially clumps of grass, it might look better.

I'll try.
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I participated in a sketching event at a cat cafe in Kanagawa prefecture.
cat planet cat planet 

08 by blacktsubu07 by blacktsubu06 by blacktsubu

05 by blacktsubu04 by blacktsubu03 by blacktsubu

02 by blacktsubu01 by blacktsubu
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I went to an small handicraft event held in my town, and did resin craft at a workshop for the first time.
I enjoyed it!

DSCF1165 (800x600) by blacktsubu
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It snowed last weekend. They said on the news that it was the heaviest snow in 20 years.
NOW it's snowing heavier than last week!
We usually don't have much snow around this area.
According to the weather report, it will keep snowing for another 7 hours...

The snowfall of this level is nothing for those who from snow countries, isn't it?LOL 

Dsc 1107 1 by blacktsubu
The new year began 25minuts ago!
Thank you all for everything last year!w00t!
I hope this will be another great year for you!

I hear the new year's bells rung from several temples around my house now.

I will leave home in a few hours for cycling to the nearest lake to enjoy the first sunrise of the year "Hatsuhinode"
It will be the least cold night in these several years.:) (Smile)

My new year's resolutions are:
 Do exacise.
 Do not eat too much sweets.  (to lose weight...Sweating a little... )

 Keep a diary every day in English. When I don't have much time, I write something, even just one sentence.
I'm going to participate in the exhibition Ayumi-ten held in Tokyo Japan.

Date: 2013/9/20(Fri)-26(Thu) closed on the 22th and the 23th.
        11:00-18:00(closed at noon on the last day)
Place: Yamawaki gallery  Ichigaya Tokyo
A small party will be held on 9/21(Sat) 15:30-17:30(It's SO crowded every year...)

Various kinds of arts will be exhibited by various kinds of artists, such as cartoons, photographs, paintings, handicrafts by professionals, amateurs, and students.

I think I will put a watercolor painting. I haven't even decided what I will paint yet...Sweating a little...
I saw a large brown cicada emerging at the gate of our house early evening.

Its body was white and the wings were pale blue.
A cicada usually emerges during the night, so I hadn't seen its
emergence before.
It was
fascinatingly beautiful!

Untitled by blacktsubu
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It's 0:30 AM here in Japan.
Two crows have been cawing somewhere near my house for more than 2 hours.
I suppose it's because of the breeding season.
It's natural...but...
Please do it enywhere else!
I will exhibit my watercolor painting at an exibition "Ayumi-ten"  in Tokyo Japan.…
(in Japanese)

This is held by graduates and ex-teachers from the art school I went.
There are paintings, crafts, mangas, picturebooks, photography, etc.
Most of them are paintings.

Some artists are professional, some are hobbyist, and some may be students.
You can enjoy various style of art.

11/24-29(closed on the 25th)
Yamawaki gallery in Ichigaya Tokyo Japan
We have a party at15:30-17:30 on the 24th.
There is a voilin recital at the party.

I'm sorry I couldn't inform this sooner.
I'm glad if you visit and enjoy our art works.
Thank you
Thank you so much for every favs, watches, and comments.

I'm sorry I haven't reply to your comments for a while.
I have been so busy and still will be for a while.
I read every comments.

I think I will be less busy next month.
I succeeded in data recovery of the HDD from my broken computer.
All the files I thought I had lost came back!:D
My computer crashed last week. It was 2 years old.
I bought a new computer today, a cheap laptop.
I tried to rescue my data from the HDD by connecting it to the new PC, but couldn't access it.
Maybe the HDD is damaged and the data is broken...?
I'm going to get files from older PC that I had used before the crashed PC.

It was fortunate that I didn't use computer for work.
It was also fortunate that I was lazy enough to leave the old PC for 2 years after I stopped using.
That was cool!

The eclipse started to be seen about 6:30 a.m. in Kanto region, Japan.
We saw the complete ring of the sun around 7:30 for about 5 minutes.

I expected it would be almost as dark as the total eclipse.
In fact, it was much lighter.
It only looked as if you were looking around through a slightly dark filter.
The darkness was different from it in the evening or when it's cloudy.

The cast sunlight through trees were in the shape of the ring or the crescent.

The solar eclipse was seen during commuting time for students of elementary school nearby.
Kids of my neighborhood left their homes 1 hour earlier than usual.
I assume, their school told them to do so, because kids want to look up to the sun and it's so dangerous, plus so that they observe the sun with their teachers at school.

The next chance we see the annular solar eclipse in Kanto region will be 300 years later.
I can't wait......literally.
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